Here’s to The Heps

Pump up note for the 2011 Ivy League Heptagonal Cross Country Championships. We won that year, for the first time in 13 years. We won by one point.

A little something I wrote for you guys to read. I hope it inspires you, because you all have inspired me. Being apart of this team and having the chance to run this race with you guys is a true honor. I’ve got a good feeling about this guys.
CUXC. Lets get it.

Here’s to running in the rain.
And through the mud.
To running when it’s hot.
When it’s cold.
When you’re tired.
When you’re sick.
When you just don’t feel like running.
Here’s to it not always being fun.

Here’s to B-loops.
And the soggy ground at the mile mark.
To starting your pick-up at the base of the hill.
Or at the top.
To hill skips.
To running towards that tree.
To looking at your watch 30 seconds into a 4 minute pick-up.
And then again 20 seconds later.
Here’s to Mondays and Wednesday not being your favorite days of the week.

Here’s to the summer.
And running on vacation.
On treadmills and in parking lots and around hotels.
To your shorts tan.
To your sports bra tan.
To your other sports bra tan.
Because straps never align.
Here’s to the heat.

Here’s to the injuries.
And the tears.
To the time spent on the bike.
And in the pool.
And anywhere else but running with the team.
To braces and ankle wraps and crutches and boots.
To tight calves.
And new shoe blisters.
Here’s to the pain.

Here’s to quiet Friday nights.
And nonexistent Saturdays.
To the hours between 4:30 and 6:30pm, Monday through Friday.
And all the things regular people do during that time.
To early mornings.
To long bus rides.
To ‘I can’t, I have a race’.
Here’s to all the things you’ve given up.

But here’s to the simple fact that we love to run.
More than we’d like to admit.
For reasons we don’t always understand.
Here’s to PR’s.
And the deliciousness of post-race food.
To the joy of finishing a workout.
To achieving a goal.
Or breaking a record.
To the bond between teammates.
Something the rest of the world will never understand.
Here’s to the lessons we’ve learned.
And the ways we’ve grown.
Here’s to us.
Because we’ve earned it.
And because we can.
Here’s to the opportunity before us.
Here’s to the HEPS.