Head-Legs-Heart is our tried and true race motto and strategy. It breaks a race down into three distinct parts, each with its own purpose and focus, to help you get the absolute most out of yourself on race day.

The beginning. The gun fires and you are released. As you bolt off the starting line, your body is flooded with adrenaline. During this first part of the race it is absolutely critical that you keep your composure and make smart decisions. While it’s difficult to win a race in the opening minutes or miles, it’s easy to lose one. Letting your excitement get the better of you and straying from your plan could sabotage your entire race. Running with your head allows you to stay controlled early on and sets you up for a successful race.

The middle. By now the adrenaline of the start has worn off and you have started to settle in. This is the part of the race where you need to turn your brain off and just run. The pace you need to hold is one you've run a million times in training. The best thing you can do at this point is not overthink things and trust that your body knows what it’s doing. Running with your legs allows you to relax and settle into a solid, but sustainable rhythm.

The end. The race is getting hard. You’re exhausted, both physically and mentally. Your legs are turning to Jell-o and the negative thoughts are creeping in. This is the part of the race where you need to ignore the signs from your head and legs telling you to stop. Instead, you need to focus on the intense, magnetic pull of the finish line. With all your heart you want to get there and feel that inexplicable rush of joy and pride as you cross the finish line. By running with your heart, you become fueled by the strongest of motivators: the thrill of racing and your genuine love for running.