Interview: Alicia Marie Eno Juyl, Boston Qualifier in all 50 States (+DC!)

Name: Alicia Marie Eno Juhl

Age: 39

Hometown: Munger, Michigan

College: Western MI University and Eastern Michigan University

Residence: Shrewsbury, MA

Distances: all from 5k to Ultra ( 50 miles longest race to date)

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Winner of 2016 Red Rock Canyon Marathon
  • Winner of 2016 Hoover Dam Marathon
  • Winner of 2016 Sweltering Summer Ultra
  • Winner of 2016 New York Syracuse Marathon
  • Third Women in US to complete a BQ marathon in every state and DC
  • 17th Women to complete the Sub 4 hour marathon club in December 2015 (A sub four hr. marathon in every state)
  • 8th in USATF-NE All Terrain Series 2016 year- 7th in Mountain Series, USATF-NE 2015
  • Iron Runner for the USATF-NE 2014

Before we get talking about marathons and Boston Qualifiers and such, tell us a bit about your running background – how you got into the sport of running, what team you compete for, who your sponsors are, etc.

I always loved running; I grew up in the country and was outside all the time. I did some high school track and then I raced my first race a 13.1 in college, loved it. That was the real start

I get up at 4 am daily. Usually 2 run a day 90 miles a week.

I am a Behavioral Psychologist working with Autistic Children. Love it.


  • Sponsors- Skechers Performance Team
  • Amrita health food
  • Lace Lockers
  • rabbit
  • Swiftwick socks
  • Feed your crazy
  • OnlyAtoms
  • Nuttzo Peanut Butter
  • Irun4ultra
  • Honey Stinger Elite
  • Central Mass Striders racing


When and where did you run your first marathon? How did it go?

It was in OH in 2002. It was fine. No big deal, loved it, I think my time was 4:06


At what point did you decide you wanted to try and become a member of the 50 States Marathon Club? Once you began that journey, how did you go about training and scheduling races? How long did it take you to achieve it?

I just keep on doing marathons after my first one in 2002. A lot of ones that were close by me, in TN and MS when I lived in Memphis, TN. After a few years I realized I had enough states to join the club, (you need 10 different states). Then I joined and my goal was born. I scheduled out races each year and once I started to really work on it, it took me 4 years for all the states.


Can you explain what the Boston 50 Marathon Running Club is? How did your quest to join this even more prestigious group begin and, how did it feel to become the first female 5 star elite member?

It is a very new club, born this year. In order to be a 5 star member, one has to have completed a marathon in every state plus DC. I am still the only women in this club to do so; we have 2 more ladies that will complete this goal in early 2017.  A friend tagged me in a post for this club and I was then in! We are looking for other runners to help them in a goal of a BQ in every state as well.


So now that you have accomplished these two great feats, what’s next? Do you have any aspirations to join any other marathon clubs such as the Seven Continents Club or the 100 Marathon Club?

My big goal is a 3:00 marathon this year. My entire focus is here.

Long term: this year I will race a 24hr race in NJ in May. My goal here is 125 miles to make the long distance team for the USA list. Long term, I have big goals. We first have to see how this year progresses. I have a new coach and my training is much different. My first marathon in 2017 is at Houston, so I will see how my training pans out in early January.

I am in the 100 marathon club and finished my 100th marathon in TX in early Dec of 2015. I do plan to do the 7 continent club and the marathon majors. I have Berlin, Chicago, and Boston thus far.